New Jersey
Army National Guard
Toms River Armory

Free College
Part time work
Full time benefits
Job skills
Leadership Training
Friends, buddies, pals

New Jersey Army National Guard Benefits

Up to $8,000 Cash Enlistment Bonuses
Paid Training
USAA Insurance and Banking Services
Veteran’s Administration (VA Loan)
Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
Space-Available (Space-A) Travel
Military Recreational Facilities
Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
Health benefits
Post or base exchanges (PX/BX), and commissaries
FREE Beach Facility
FREE Fishing  and Hunting Licenses
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To see if the Army National Guard is right for you talk to:
SFC Harriet D’Angelo or SFC James Fortuna
at the career opportunities office
Toms River – 732-349-6090  Tuckerton – 609-812-1216