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What do we do? Whatever it takes!
When events threaten your community, you realize how important your role is as a member of the Army  National Guard. You really understand your purpose when your team helps the people in your community during times of crisis, whether it’s a flood, tornado,  hurricane, fire or domestic security issue.

At any given moment we can be called upon to assist domestically in Homeland Security – Nuclear Plant Security – Floods – Blizzards – Disaster Control or any other Civil Emergency. In times of war we may be activated to support and operate with the regular US Army.

What are we all about?
The Army Core Values say it all:

Duty, Getting the Job Done

Every soldier has a legal and moral obligation to accomplish all assigned or implied tasks. Guard soldiers must take it upon themselves to do what needs to be done. Working as a team, soldiers can meet any challenge.

Respect, Respecting Fellow Soldiers

Guard members treat each other with consideration and honor. Even though they might not always agree, Guard members acknowledge and listen to one another. Mutual respect helps everyone succeed.

Leadership, Leading the Way

Leaders provide purpose, direction and motivation for others. They are responsible to ensure their unit accomplishes the mission or task at hand. Leaders train and mentor soldiers

Selfless Service, Duty Comes First

Selfless Service is placing one’s duty before one’s personal desires. It is the ability to endure hardships because of a commitment to fellow soldiers and one’s country.

Honor, Living Up to Army Values

Guard soldiers strive to be honest with themselves and everyone around them. They never compromise their own values and always try to do what is right

Integrity, Honesty with a Sense of Honor

Guard members swear by a code of moral and ethical principles. Every soldier must possess high personal moral standards and be honest in word and deed

Personal Courage, Courage for Today and

Army National Guard soldiers must be willing to deal with the difficult issues. They must have the courage to tell it like it is, good or bad. Guard members have the strength of character to do the right thing.

Upon a close study of history it is acurate to say that when it comes to “Freedom” it is always just a single generation away from extinction. It is only by each new generations willingness to serve as “protectors” that we may guarantee our own freedom domestically and bring it to people who would otherwise live in oppression and despair. When it come to Freedom – Foreign or Domestic
WE are the Guard!