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Army National Guard
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Free College
Part time work
Full time benefits
Job skills
Leadership Training
Friends, buddies, pals

Why Join The New Jersey Army National Guard

If you have a career goal in the private sector, you can bet the Army National Guard has a corresponding career path. Your job in the Army National Guard, your MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALTY (MOS), can be your ticket into some of the hottest industries and most coveted career fields.

Depending on your qualifications and the present and future needs of our country there are aver 210 ways to choose to be a soldier in today’s Army National Guard.!

The main reasons most men and women join are:

  • A fulfillment of duty and a sense of  national  and personal honor
  • Full time benefits for part time work
  • Free College Tuition – even for Graduate School!
  • Free Travel (if there’s a seat open on military aircraft – you’re on.)
  • Marketable job skills
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Other Military Benefits
  • Good friends you can trust and depend on.

Some comments from Guardsman:

“I was tring to earn money for college and it’s tough to get a decent paying job when your only 18.  I realized the Guard would pay for my College Tuition all the way through Grad School. Now instead of working my tail off every day and weekend after school I work just one weekend a month get free tuition AND THEY PAY ME! Sure beats longer hours saying “you want fries with that”.“

“I used to have a really hard time getting the keys to the family car – parents didn’t think I was “responsible enough”. Now I drive a 3 Million Dollar Tank – go figure.”

”This is a re-up for me. I served in the regular Army before. I missed the comradeship so I reenlisted in the National Guard. Now I have my civilian life and my Army too.”

“I needed some real job skills, so instead of me paying a technical school I joined the Guard to get the skills I need and they pay me.”

“September 11th – I think that’s reason enough”

“I wanted to serve my country in the worst way but was the only son of older parents and was afraid I would get transferred to Tim-buck-too or Alaska or some far away place. I found out that the Guard is a part time gig and it can usually keep you within 50 miles of your home so I joined.  I know if things ever got really bad I could get called up and made active, but for the most part I’m looking at Homeland Security right here in Jersey.”

“I wanted to prove I wasn’t a dweeb”

I wanted a part time job to supplement my regular job and I liked the idea of “helping people” in times of disaster, you know, floods, storms, fires and stuff. There’s just something about helping and saving people that really charges me up!

” I always wanted to fly a helicopter”

“Being the smallest kid in class was always tough. Now after combat training let’s just say nobody picks on me any more 😉 ”

“I went from pork chop to lean and mean in 9 weeks. No one recognized me. (Except my mother -she wanted to know why they weren’t feeding me)”

“I wanted to become a doctor so it was the best way to go with free tuition and all”

“Somebody has to protect us ……..  I’m somebody”

“I grew up in a neighborhood full of losers headed for a deadend. I knew I had to get out somehow. The Guard gave me a whole new life. On a Guard Drill when your buddy says “hey, who’s got the smoke” it has a whole different meaning”

“I wanted to build my character – George Washington was a Guardsman – nuf said!”

”I wanted to become “an officer and a gentleman”.

“Some of my best friends as a civilian are my Guard buddies!”

What’s your reason? To see if the Army National Guard is right for you talk to: SFC Harriet D’Angelo or SFC James Fortuna at the career opportunities office Toms River – 732-349-6090 Tuckerton – 609-812-1216