New Jersey
Army National Guard
Toms River Armory

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Many of our soldiers are now deployed
Please support the Family Readiness Group

 Join us for a
National Guard Open House
at the Toms River Armory
Sunday July 11th, 2004

12:30pm till 4:30pm

Details to follow……….

Directions to Armory

What YOU can do to help our Citizen Soldiers while they are away:

  • Get involved in the Family Readiness and Support Group
    Individuals, businesses and community organizations are encouraged to donate time and/or money to help locally support our soldiers and their families while our Guard unit is away.
    Remember most Guardsmen  have regular full time jobs and train one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer and for the most part answer domestic emergencies. From time to time when needed they are called upon by the federal government to support regular Army operations. This is one of those times. Your local soldiers are leaving their jobs and families to answer the call of duty and you can help too. When a soldier knows his family is taken care of when he is away he can keep his mind on his mission. For those of us staying on the “home front” it’s the least we can do. Get involved. Contact the Toms River Armory for more info.
  • Send cards, letters, pictures, drawings and other sentiments to the Toms River Armory.  Let our Citizen Soldiers KNOW that we recognize their sacrifice, appreciate their service, and hope they return safely.  Knowing that their fellow citizens are behind them and that we care makes a huge difference in morale. Keep the correspondence coming, and we will get them to our units destination.
  • Be a good citizen. Remember, freedom is just a single generation away from extinction, always! Don’t take it for granted. Good citizenship is the backbone of freedom and that means caring and getting involved. It’s a big country and it belongs to all of us – so choose a part and help take care of it. Anyone can wave a flag, but it takes a real American to live the flag. Good citizenship is patriotism in action and is a morale booster for soldiers.
Family Readiness & Support Group contacts:
CPT Robert Hughs – 732-349-4386
SFC James Fortuna  – 732-349-6090
Mrs. Lisa Fortuna – FR/SG President  732-349-6090
Community Liaison – Bernard Viggiani  – 732-349-4386